Our program for school-aged children is designed to provide working parents with peace of mind knowing that their child is being supervised before and after school.

Your child’s everyday schedule includes a healthy snack, homework help, outdoor activity, and supervised games and activities.


Our School-Age Programs are located in multiple, convenient locations:

Play Areas

“Each classroom is clean, safe and developmentally appropriate for the age group and all centers/areas are clearly labeled for the best usage by the children attending.” — Alana G.


“Honeybee is like another home for my children. Every member of the team there loves and cares for them. They truly do everything they can to give the best care possible out of love for the children.” — Marie C.


“They are FANTASTIC with communication and keeping you up to date with not only your child’s day to day but the entire school.” — Candice V.


“They look at each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs and use them to help the kids grow and learn in their own way. They help to foster independence and the kids are capable of so much because they are empowered to make their own choices and help themselves.” — Stephanie M.


“They are well educated in early childhood development which is evident through the enrichment they offer children.” — Brooke O.


“The educational topics and programs that the children engage in at this center promote social and educational development that will give them an advantage when they enter kindergarten.” — Anna S.