“Thank you for helping us make such an easy transition into the Honey Bee with our son.  He loves coming each day and has so much to tell us when he leaves.  You have obviously worked hard to hire and train such a wonderful, knowledgeable and caring staff.  It is obvious that you both care so much about every child; and amazes me that you know so much about each and every one of them.  It takes a wonderful set of people to run such a special program”  

“There is no way to properly thank you for everything you have done for our family, but I’ll try!  Thank you for loving and respecting our kids for who they are.  Thank you for teaching them so much.  Thank you for letting them explore and be kids.  Thank you for keeping them safe.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family.  Thank you for treating us like family.  Thank you for helping us raise our kids.  We will all miss the Bee more than I care to think about.”

“Honeybee is so much more than a daycare center.  Yes, they provide daycare for every age through 5 years of age but they go above and beyond expectations.  They cater to each child’s need within their “class” and adapt their teaching methods so the child benefits no matter what their level.  My preschooler has learned so much in a short amount of time and we are impressed with the improvement in his skill level.  Parents are also included in all major decisions and their voices are not only heard but taken to heart.  I love the involvement I am able to have in my son’s care!  The teachers hold themselves to high standards and so far have exceeded ours!”

“This center has an extremely dedicated staff who put an emphasis on teaching and developing the children on a daily basis.  This is more of a school than a daycare center and the educational topics and programs that the children engage in at this center promote social and educational development that will give them an advantage when they enter kindergarten.”

“They are well educated in early childhood development which is evident through the enrichment they offer children.  In addition they encourage family involvement in the center by offering activities throughout the year.  They make Honeybee seem like one big family, and happy home away from home for my daughter.”

“They give individualized attention where appropriate, and always encourage my daughter.  She has so much fun after school, she doesn’t want to leave!! The teachers are loving and caring, and provide a safe environment for my child.  It’s priceless!”

“She always goes above and beyond for students and staff. She always makes sure students are occupied at all times as much as they are happy.  She is definitely a role model for all kids throughout this school age program and puts their needs before hers during program hours and after program hours.”

“Honeybee Childcare is very family-oriented early learning center.  I like that children really learn about various subjects in a fun way.  Every week is a different theme with different crafts, stories and different objects to bring for show-and-tell.  The staff is very friendly and they manage to keep children happy, entertained, safe, and respectful. The owner and director are very involved and always ready to help or discuss any concerns.  The director has ample experience with the education of young children and she is a great resource of knowledge.  We are very happy with our pick of a child care center.”

“They look at each child as an individual with their own strengths and needs and use them to help the kids grow and learn in their own way.  Honeybee helps to foster independence in her students and they are capable of so much because they are empowered to make their own choices and help themselves.”

“Walking into the Honeybee you can just feel it in the air.  Immediately you feel at home and know that the children are not only well cared for, but also encouraged to be their best selves each and every day.  Each classroom is clean, safe and developmentally appropriate for the age group and all centers/areas are clearly labeled for the best usage by the children attending.”

“My children have gone to Honeybee over the past 10 years.  This in home program evolved into a daycare center and now into morning and after school care for my children from elementary school and now middle school.  I’m thankful and grateful for the safe, warm and friendly atmosphere where my kids always feel welcome and are excited to go.  I love the Honeybee and recommend this child care facility to every parent I know.”

“They go above and beyond not only with care but they offer an endless amount of extra curriculars.  My son even as an infant was often exposed to live music and art.  They even offered fun parties for families to participate in!  My son was actually excited to go to daycare!  They are also FANTASTIC with communication and keeping you up to date with not only your child’s day to day but the entire school.  They even provided a monthly newsletter for every classroom.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Honeybee!  They are like a second home to our son and we couldn’t have asked for more.”

“They exceeded my expectations with academic and social development of my Pre-K child.  The children learn the curriculum in a variety of fun and exciting ways.  But, it’s not just about the education.  They foster their growth as people.  Even as a teacher myself, my child’s social development is most important to me.  I am very grateful for the Pre-K program/teachers at Honeybee.”

“Honeybee is like another home for my children.  Every member of the team there loves and cares for them.  My children have grown socially, and academically while there.  They love their teachers.  Honeybee goes above and beyond to keep us informed about their day and are always available to us as parents.  They truly do everything they can to give the best care possible out of love for the children.”

“My 3 year old daughter loves to go to Honeybee which says to me they have created and foster an environment that my young daughter feels safe and secure.”

“My child is signing, counting, “alphabeting,” and smiling like never before!”

“I have two children at Honeybee who are as different temperamentally, intellectually, and socially as two children can be.  Honeybee is the rare program that is a perfect fit for both of them.  My children receive a very high-quality, high-touch experience.  The staff keeps me and my husband informed of daily progress and areas of struggle and we work collaboratively to brainstorm strategies that will work.  It isn’t unusual for staff to respond to my emails after hours and to go above and beyond in thinking of ways to improve educational and social experience.”

“My son has a life threatening tree nut allergy.  They have gone above and beyond to not only keep him safe, but to make sure that he never feels like he is being left out of anything, especially celebrations, due to his allergy.  We love having both of our children go to Honeybee because every single member of their staff knows them by name and goes out of their way to make sure that they are not only provided for, but that they are respected and loved.”

“On the first day of daycare I received multiple messages ensuring that my daughter and I were happy.  There is no value you can put on knowing that your child is safe and happy.”

“Honeybee Childcare program – school age before-sfter school care porgram located at both Nassau and Hagan Elementary Schools in Poughkeepsie, NY is a program of excellence and one that deserves to be recognized.  I have sent both of my children to their before care program at both of the elementary schools and the staff at both locations have gone out of their way to get to know my children and us as a family.  Both Kathy and Mary provide the foundation of leadership and quality of care that allows myself and my husband as parents to feel completely at ease sending our children before school.  As educators ourselves we know how important it is to have a positive experience and environment prior to the start of the school day and without question the Honeybee program at both Nassau and Hagan have provided that for our children over several years.”

“At the end of the school day my daughter excitedly tells me about the things she did at before-care!  She has said “Mommy, thank you for signing me up for Honeybee.”  That to me says it all!”